This site aims to document my experiences of running an IWL Troll scooter and to provide relevant information regarding the scooter. The principle behind providing this information is to help preserve these scooters.

Troll scooter after a good clean


The IWL Troll is a scooter (i.e. it has a step-through frame) that was produced in East Germany in the early sixties. It was preceded by the Pitty, Wiesel and the more famous Berlin; the Troll was the final scooter produced by IWL. IWL was basically the scooter manufacturing arm of the East German IFA vehicle makers. Other IFA members are the infamous Trabant, the motorcycle manufacturer MZ and the moped manufacturer Simson.

My Troll was purchased through Ebay and was originally brought over from East Germany shortly after re-unification, then sat in storage for nearly 20 years. The Troll caught my attention as firstly, I like quirky scooters and secondly, I ride an MZ (which it shares many components with).

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Latest News!

Oct 2008 - The Troll is MOT'd, licensed and on the road!

Nov 2008 - The Troll is premiered at the Warmwell Rally 2008 in dorset - to a good reception (thankfully!). It managed to survive the ride-out in the rain.

Nov 2008 - Website updated


James Starrett 2008

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