The Trolls electrics are 6V, powered by a battery and charged by an alternator. Starting is manual kickstart and requires a little help from the battery. The majority of the electronic connections are either within the headlight nacelle (with questionable access) and behind the throttle-side panel.


The ignition switch is mounted on the headlight nacelle and consists of a rotary switch operated by a barrel key, hidden under a cover.
IWL Troll ignition switch 


The battery is a 6V 13Ah unit mounted on the gear-side of the scooter and held in place by a rubber strap on a small tray. The ground passes straight onto the frame and ignition, whilst the live passes over the frame to the throttle-side fuse and wiring.
IWL Troll Battery


The headlight consists of sidelight, dip and main beams (of questionable power and directionality) and associated rear light (below). The side and dip headlights are controlled from the ignition switch with operation of the main beam from a gear-side switch and flash-button. Currently, my headlight is the original RH facing German lens which has had a high tech modification (duck tape) to limit the oncoming dazzle to pass an MOT. Adjustment of the alignment is by a bolt underneath the headlight nacelle and hidden by the skirt fairing.
IWL Troll Headlight


The indicators are bi-directional and mounted from the ends of the handlebars, flashing from a standard relay. The bulbs are of the "festoon" type. The indicator relay is within the headlight nacelle and is switched by a throttle-side switch (up for right, central for off and down for left).
IWL Troll Indicator IWL Troll Indicator Switch

The indicators were changed at some point on the scooter to front and rear pairs of (believed) Trabant indicators with completely the wrong relay unit. I replaced this setup back to the spec indicators.

Rear Lights

The rear light cluster consists of a lamp matching the headlight operation and a brake light operated from the rear foot-brake. There is also a towing connection for the Campi trailer.
IWL Troll Rear Lights



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